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Classics Count - Music you know, music you like and music you’ll love to hear again.

With over a decade of presenting together and having won a CRA gold award for best specialist music programme, Martin Clarke and Heather Harrison have turned their attention to the world of classical music.

Both have a lifelong love of the classics and enjoy seeing and hearing orchestras playing live. They take their listeners on a musical journey to hear familiar pieces of music and the story behind them as well as more about famous composers – their lives and inspiration. 

In their spare time, they practise mindfulness and enjoy cooking, travelling and walking their cockapoo and studio companion Bertie.

Martin and Heather have been presenters on Wycombe Sound since September 2018.

Classics Count can be heard every Sunday morning from 10am until noon.

Classics Count – Music you know, music you like and music you’ll love to hear again.

Classics Count

Our Story

Classics Count comes from the love of music... both Martin and Heather who co-present this show have a passion for Classical music that goes back to their childhoods. They bring together their many years of working together to produce a unique show that's pitched to entertain and educate to listeners who may just be starting to explore this field of music, or like the presenters are life long fans. The show tells you about the composers, what was happening in the world to influence them, the orchestras and the instruments so often heard but not always recognised. The whole show is a shared journey... 


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